Minecraft on Macbook Air, should you change that and how?

Minecraft is a game that is played by millions across the world and a section of these players use Macbooks for enjoying the arcade game. The older Macbook Air layout is what they prefer and that is why they find it hard to switch to a Windows laptop afterward. Of course, they can try the game on the new MacBook Pro and the run Windows on it, using Bootcamp or Parallels. However, the performance hit is something they may not find suitable.

Here are a few workarounds that such players can try:

Switching to a windows laptop

Minecraft on Macbook Air

It is not as hard as it sounds, even if you have played the game solely on the Mac platform so far! It is a fact that Minecraft runs slightly better on windows than Mac OS. Re-learning the new key layout should not take too much time. Instead of the Apple Command key, windows laptops have the ctrl key and rest are not very different. Key remapping is also another option worth trying.

Using an externals USB keyboard

If you cannot do without an Apple keyboard, there is nothing to lose heart. You can always go for an external Bluetooth or USB keyboard. These keyboards can be used with Windows 10 laptops. There are so many Apple-style keyboards sold both by Apple and some third-party suppliers. It will be close to the MacBook Air layout, if not exactly the same. Making an Apple keyboard work with Windows 10 can be a little hard but there are workarounds for that.

Bootcamp or Parallels

Minecraft on Macbook Air

If you want to emulate Windows on MacBook, using platforms like Bootcamp and Parallels is the way to go. Bootcamp is actually a bit faster. Parallels are good for integrating two OSes but it is not exactly made for gaming.

Getting a new MacBook Pro

You can get the newest MacBook Pro is many configurations and these can be used to play Minecraft. The 13 inch model with Intel Core i5-8257U1.4 GHz processor and 8 GB Ram should suffice for this. Of course, there are better spec models but the price tag can be prohibitive.

Exploring Windows gaming PCs

Minecraft on Macbook Air

You can pick from a lot of Windows gaming PCs and those are going to cost you less than the cheapest MacBook, as it is. Ideally, get a laptop with AMD Ryzen or Intel H class CPU. While integrated graphics can be adequate for running Minecraft, getting a laptop with a dedicated GPU can offer you a better experience. You can get some suitable models from brands like Asus, Dell, and Acer. Try to get a laptop with SSD and an option for Ram upgrades. You can get some great deals online.

Summing it up

While there are many options to play Minecraft in a PC with a Mac keyboard layout, you have to think of the practical usage needs. If your existing PC is capable enough, it is better that you get a new keyboard rather than going for a new PC.