Targeting in GTA: Vice City

Targeting in GTA Vice City

The GTA lineup of games has succeeded in garnering a massive fan base over the years. With every version of GTA, Rockstar has managed to retain the existing players while adding new ones. Every version of GTA has something new to offer. While there are many elements that work in favor of the GTA games like amazing dialogues, dark crime noir theme, sleek weapons and flexibility of game play- the series also suffered from a few drawbacks. The targeting system used in GTA III drew flak of the users as well as critics- for example. The third-person perspective targeting seemed lackluster. Its absence of enemy priority system and wide-swinging camera made many fans irate.

The improvements in GTA Vice City

Targeting in GTA Vice City

Rockstar did not overlook the feedback of the GTA fans and they enhanced the targeting system in Vice City, the lineups 5th offering, in a large way. The priority system was introduced in the game. This helps the players to lock on important targets by default without delay.

If you press and hold R1, the view shows over Tommy’s shoulder. It helps in shooting the target easily. The excessive camera swinging issue that was there in GTA 3 has been taken care of. In times of intense action, the player gets a better view of objects and enemies around. This can be especially helpful when you fight with 2 or more enemies at the same time. Much like GTA 3, in Vice City you can use R2 and L2 buttons to cycle through numerous targets. However, a few weapons may only be fired using first-person perspective. Examples are the sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Pressing R1 activates first-person firing mode.

There are a few new additions that will enhance weapon using experience, says the company. Now, the targeting indicator looks bigger and brighter. It changes colors when the targets are locked in. This changes based on the weapons you use. You get the scope to hit many more things than just enemies in GTA Vice city. For example, now you may hit car tires.

The similarities are retained

A lot of things in the targeting and weapon system in Vice City have not been altered. Gamers carry and use weapons much in the same way as GTA 3. You are allowed to run and shoot at the same time. So, it will not be hard for the seasoned gamers to use it. They will feel at home